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Q&A about Direct Response Mail and Direct Mail Pricing:
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  1. Q: Are you a Direct Mailing and Marketing company or are you brokers?

    A: We are the manufacturer. We go direct to you. We have a team of creative designers, we run printing presses, and we process mailing lists, postcards, and self mailers for our clients every day.

  2. Q: Do you supply the printed piece?

    A: Yes we do offer full service printing capabilities. We can digitally instant print as few as 1 post card and mail it. We can also print letters and shells and imprint variable data on your letters, post cards or self mailers.
    Printing and direct mailing lots of 20,000 pieces is routine for us. Check with us for printing information. We offer free templates and useful tips along the process.

  3. Q: Are there guaranteed Direct Mail Response Rates when running a Direct Mailing Campaign?

    You might have heard that 1% response rates are normal in direct mailing projects that involve bulk mailing services. Personalized Marketing has proven to convey much higher rates. Click to learn more about Personalized Marketing. The truth is that the response rate varies in light of how the campaign is designed. Getting the proper mailing list, and knowing your area and its demographics extensively are key to create a successful campaign. For example if your want to target Florida residents, according to the type of service offered, filtering and selecting by income, home value, kids, etc. will help you target the right customers.

    Response rates are directly related to the offer, the type of service promoted in the advertising piece.

    Is there a call to action in your piece? A strong call to action, offering bonus products or services might increase the response rates.

    For more details about your FL Graphic Design for direct mailing, or about your postcards for Direct Mail, call or email us at Mark V Press. From concept to printing to direct bulk mailing services.
    (954) 563-2505.

  4. Q: I need to rent a commercial mailing list where I can send my brochures saving money with bulk mailing processing services. Businesses must meet a selective economic and demographic criteria! Can you get it for me?

    Yes, we can provide you with a mailing list filtered according to your needs. We source mailing lists from the nation's largest direct mailing list compilers. Their direct mail lists that open doors to bulk mail Florida distribution and elsewhere, are verified to keep their integrity.

    There are demographic/economic/ geographic selections that you can make when ordering a list.
  • Geographic area
  • Employee Range
  • Exact Number of Employees
  • Sales Volume
  • Corporate HQ or Branch
  • Gender of Executive
  • Presence of a Web site
  • Years in Business
  • Square Footage of Building
  • Publicly Traded Select
  • Stock Exchange Listed
  • Number of Computers
  • Franchisee Exclusion

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Direct Mail Pricing in Florida:

When running your mailing list advertising campaign, make sure to run it frequently. It could take sending several mailing pieces until leads start to show-up.

Mailing list advertising creates a world of opportunities for you

* Jumbo Post cards - 51/2 x 81/2"

offset or Digital Full color on the front - 1 color on the back

Glossy on front side - finish size 8.5 x 5.5 (half a sheet of paper)

Item Unit Cost Total Units Total Cost
Printing .18 5,000 $900
Addressing (ink jet) .02 5,000 $100
Base (pre-sort and delivery) .03 5,000 $150

Bulk Presorteed (based on nationwide mailing)

.219 5,000 $1095
Grand Total .449 5,000 $2245

Other costs you will need to think about:

  • Layout and design for this type of mailer: $200 to $350
  • Purchase Stock Photography: $100 each photo
  • Mailing List - Depending on who your target recipient is: from $20 to $120 per 1,000 names- Selecting the lists with the proper demographics is something that we do well.

Prices for a letter with inserts or self mailers


  • #10 window envelope
  • 8.5 x 11 letter 2 color 1 side
  • Laser Printed with variable data (Dear John)
  • #9 Return Envelope
Item Unit Cost Total Units Total Cost
Printing (2 color letter) .05 5,000 $250.00
Envelopes 2 color windows .05 5,000 $250.00
Envelopes #9 reply - black .04 5,000 $200.00


.01 5,000 $50.00
Laser over print .04 5,000 $200.00
Inserting 2 inserts into #10 .02 5,000 $100.00
Base Rate .03 5,000 $150.00
Postage (3rd class) .23 5,000 $1,150.00
Grand Total .47 5,000 $2,350.00

Other costs you could incur:

  • Layout and design for this type of mailer: $200 to $350
  • Laser Setup for personalized letters $100
  • Mailing List - Depending on what your looking for: $20 to $120 per 1,000
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Standard #10 sized piece
Letter sized piece
Catalog or booklet
Brochure or pamphlet
Box or other three dimensional piece
Other (please specify):

Mailing list lead direct mailing and direct response projects are the ideal way to reach increase sales with new prospects. Mailing list leads are very relevant to your business' needs Targeting specific list leads, mailing will be much more effective .Postcards

Direct Address Imprinting with Barcode. By imprinting and inkjeting the barcode, your FL direct mailing becomes eligible for USPS lowest rates.

M5P takes responsibility for your Direct Mailing and Direct Response projects as well as the printing of brochures, catalogs and mailers required by the direct mailing campaign.

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